Digital Form Filling Jobs

Digital Form Filling Jobs

Here are the Guidelines & Details about Digital Form Filling Jobs

Total Forms 5000 Levels No. of Forms No. of Errors Payment Per Form
TAT 10 Days A 5000-4000 1-16 INR 5/-
Sign Up INR 5000/- B 3999-3000 1-14 INR 4/-
Bonus / Refund INR 2,000/- C 2999-2001 1-12 INR 3/-
MinimumSubmission 2000 Form D 2000 1-10 INR 2/-
Contract 12 Months A 17-25 NoPaymentbut NextJob
Total Assignment 24 B 15-25 NoPaymentbut NextJob
Full Payment INR 25,000/- C 13-25 NoPaymentbutNextJob
D 11-25 NoPaymentbutNextJob
  1. The User has to achieve minimum Rs.4,000/- from the current project to continue the contract (to get the next project and Bonus).
  2. There will be no mix-up levels in regards of payment & payment will be paid according to the accuracy level achieved by User.
  3. He or She should have minimum typing speed and working hours should be minimum 6 to 7 hours each day (24 hrs.). If required user has to provide more time of this particular assignment.
  4. Once the project is delivered is not return back.
  5. If the number of ERRORS exceeds more than 25 errors in a project, the project will be considered as cancelled and the contract would be terminated.

Demo Project

Please observe following screenshot of demo project to get a brief idea about the job work.

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