Online/Offline Typing Work Jobs.

Online/Offline Typing Work Jobs.

Here are the Guidelines & Details about Online/Offline Typing Work Jobs.

E-Book Typing Plan Details

Plans Normal
Signup Amount/Registration Amount Rs.3,000/- (refundable ** T&C Apply)
Page Quantity 150
Agreement 11 month
TAT Time 15 days
Price per Page Rs 75/-

New Work

90%-100% Rs 11,250/-
80%-90% Rs 5,000/-
Below 80% No Payment, but eligible for Re- Work for 3 Days


95.1%-100% Rs. 2,500/-
Below 95% No Payment, Work gets terminated


Type of Error Particulars % Deducted
Line Each (Missing /Extra) 1.9%
Improper Alignment Each File 1%
Spelling Error Each (Missing /Extra) 0.9%
Word Each (Missing /Extra) 0.9%
Enter Each (Missing /Extra) 1.5%
Space Each (Missing /Extra) 0.8%
Punctuation Each (Missing /Extra) 0.6%

About Job: Just simple English typing in Notepad company will provide work online At your email id just download the file and do offline work. Company will provides you novel and story to type (the demo project is given below).You will get 150 pages for typing. There will be 76 lines in one page. 150 pages have to be submitted in 15 days. You will be given per page Rs 75/- as per the above given Accuracy Parameters


1. Registration Charges The Second Party (candidate) has found an interest in the work demonstrated and has paid Rs.3000/-. THREE THOUSAND RUPEES/-ONLY as Refundable fees**, T&C apply for ONE (1) Registration ID. (Will be refunded after successful completion (should achieve required accuracy) of 2 projects only)

2. TAT (Turn Around Time) The Second Party (candidate) has 15 days (include holidays) to complete the New work and Second Party has to send it to First Party (company) via E-mail.

3. After submission of project, Qc report and next project (if succeed) will be given after 7 to 10 working days.

Demo Project

Please observe following screenshot of demo project to get a brief idea about the job work.

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