Manual Form Filling Jobs

Manual Form Filling Jobs

Here are the Guidelines & Details about Manual Form Filling Jobs

Total Sheets 400 Level of Complete Sheets No. of Errors Payment Per Sheet
TAT 10 Days 351 to 400 0 To 40 Rs.100/-
Sign Up Amount Rs.4,000/- 301 - 350 0 To 35 Rs.50/-
Bonus/ Refund Rs.3,000/- 251 - 300 0 To 30 Rs.35/-
Total Payment (Max) Rs.40,000/- 201 - 250 0 To 25 Rs.20/-
Contract 12 Months 151 - 200 0 To 20 Rs.10/-
Handwriting Single 101 - 150 0 To 15 Rs.6/-
Earning Rs.1000/- or More Payment & Next Job 051 - 100 0 To 10 Rs.4/-
Earning Below Rs.1000/- Payment but No Job 001 - 050 0 To 5 Rs.2/-
  1. If a candidate earns Rs.2,000/- from the project his/her Bonus amount of Rs.1500/- out of Rs.3000/- will be added in payment in the 1stProject and remaining Bonus amount will be added in payment in the 2nd project.
  2. Payment will be done according to above mentioned level as per ERRORS.
  3. The User has to earn Rs.1000/- or more from the current project to continue the contract.
  4. If the User earns below Rs.1000/- his/her contract will be terminated.
  5. If candidate completes the project with more than Single Handwriting the project would be rejected without any payment & Contract would be terminated.
  6. There will be no mix-up levels in regards of payment & payment will be paid according to the accuracy level achieved by User.
  7. He or She should have minimum writing speed and working hours should be minimum 6 to 7 hours each day (24 hrs.). If required user has to provide more time for this particulars assignment.

After submission of project, error report and next project (if succeed) will be given after 10 working days.

Demo Project

Please observe following screenshot of demo project to get a brief idea about the job work.

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